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  • Summary:

    BeetzStream SmartRss WM is an online/offline RSS reader and podcast manager for Windows Mobile devices.  With BeetzStream SmartRss 4.0, you can enjoy your favorite RSS news and video/audio podcasts on your device without a desktop computer. Feature list:

    • Easy navigation, One-hand operation support.
    • RSS 2.0, 0.9x and RDF formats are supported.
    • Customized player can be used for audio and video podcasts playback.
    • Subscriptions size can be limited globally or individually.
    • Feeds can be categorized.
    • Application startup and content downloading can be scheduled.
    • Today Screen plug-in support for Professional/Classic version.

    v4.0.3189, Sept. 24th, 2008

    • Trial version is limited to 5 channels, everything else is functional.

    v4.0.3183, Sept. 18th, 2008

    • Using larger icons for 480x640 VGA devices

    1. Installation:

    a. System Requirements:

    • Windows Mobile 5.0/6.x Standard, Classic, or Professional devices.
    • Your device needs to have .Net CF 3.5 Sp1 and MS SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 Sp1 installed. If you don't have them or not sure, you can download them from the links below:

    b. Download BeetzStream SmartRss Free Trial:


    c. Buy:

    2. Using SmartRss:

    a. Start SmartRss:

    • After sucessfully installing SmartRss, you shall see a RSS icon under the Start menu on your device. Tab it to start SmartRss.

    b. General operations:

    • For Standard Edition:
      • Left/Right softkey will triggle the two command buttons at the bottom.
      • Left/Right/Up/Down nav-key will make selections in the coresponding direction.
      • Enter key will carry out the command selected bu the nav-key.
      • In the article view, the back key will nav-back, up to the channel view.
      • "0" key will play a podcast, if the current selected item has a completely downloaded poadcast, or bring up the podcast playlist otherwise.
    • For Professional Edition, in additional to the key commands above, you can also use the stylus tabbing on the screen to carry out the commands.

    c. Adding channels

    d. Different views:



    e. Categorize channels:




    f. Podcasts:




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